Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Melt my HEART

On Mother's Day my boys walked in with the biggest smiles on their faces, all of them carrying flowers for me and a package of Mint Oreo cookies......my heart melted a little!...okay ALOT!
(Rob let them each choose flowers for me, they were so proud and excited to tell me about which ones they picked out) and Mint Oreo's.....mmmm my favorite. My boys, fresh flowers, and Oreo cookies......couldn't have gotten more right! Rob, Hayden, Wy, and Cache......I LOVE YOU.


Summer 2010

Wednesday, April 28, 2010


Cache has a new phrase....."Okay Captain" If you ask him to do anything he will reply back with a "Captain" in there somewhere! "Yes Captain" "No Captain" "K Captain" I really have no idea where he got this from, I've never heard his older brothers say it....but it does make us laugh.

Other favorite "Cache words and phrases".......Chicken (he calls people "chicken" all the time, don't know where this one came from either)...........Buttocks (this is a favorite of mine and it's hilarious to hear).......You my best friend? (he's constantly asking us, especially his brothers if they're his best friend)

Cache made me laugh today when he told me that his Grandpa lives in a Barber Shop!!! Pretty much got that one RIGHT!

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Survivor Party!


just a few things about.....

Gives me lots of HUGS everyday
Favorite color is BLUE
Loves to eat POPCORN and ICECREAM
Likes to play with LEGOS and his DSi
Has a SHY side
Has a WILD side
Super CUTE
Loves to SING
Always helps me BAKE
Is very TICKLISH (especially his neck)

Wyatt turned 6!!! I promised him that we could have a super fun party and invite lots of friends. So, that's just what we did. We had a Survivor Birthday Party. I let him invite all the boys in his class, plus the kids in our neighborhood.....thinking that probably half would show up. Oh No! Every kid came! Wow, we had 16 kids in all.....14 boys and 2 girls. Thank goodness Kari and Parker came up for a visit that weekend. (Thanks for the help guys!!) And Jen is always there for me AnYtImE I need her. (Love ya) We had a relay race, rock wall challange, green slime food challange, stump stand, building block challange, pinata (which I had the brainy idea to make my own....well, it didn't go over great and smarties are a no, no, in a pinata, especially a "homemade" one! Towards the end, everytime someone would hit, a puff of dust would come out of it....so the smarties turned to powder.....so what!)
So, anytime you get that many little boys together you are going to have some injuries.....right? I did have a lovely bruise on my check bone from a collision with a childs head and Wyatt....well.....he got a lovely, very bloody, bloody nose.....from his older brother. When their team won a Challange, Hayden jumped and threw his arms up and into Wyatt's face. It was a total accident, but I had Wyatt crying and Hayden SOBBING......"I ruined Wyatt special day, I don't even deserve to be HERE!!!" (He felt so bad...) Luckily, Jen kept the games going, while I handled all the drama....and Kari was on camera duty. But, with a change of clothes and a quick "wash up" everyone was ready for more fun.

Bailee taking a swim in the ocean!~

The treat trunk.

Thursday, February 25, 2010


Cache's made-up word---Mashbeard. The word mashbeard is used for anyone who has hair on their face, or food on their face where hair might possibly grow.
Cache everyday: Hey, he has a mashbeard! or.....Hey, look at my mashbeard!

Just pull it!!!

Wyatt came home from school and said.......My tooth is kinda loose, will you tie string around it and just pull it? So we did!

Hillside Sledders

Spent a Saturday afternoon sledding with the kids and cousins. I am thankful for moments like these.....ones where we can have fun and laugh and spend time with the ones we love. I love this picture.....one body, but four feet!

Hayden's picture after his speedy crash and burn.......snow burn!